Production Services

A top-notch film producer should know how to manage people, understand contracts and law, and meet a continuous stream of deadlines while accounting for every dollar spent. Artistic vision and business acumen must be interwoven into the core of their being. Their knowledge of marketing turns your work of art into a valuable piece of intellectual property. CEO and founder Marie Adler is a visionary whose business development experience includes opening and managing forty-three offices and training and supervising five hundred employees from the ground up. She has established relationships with and has sold to the top financial institutions in the world, and has had years of experience dealing with all the legalities that are intertwined with these transactions. As part of her experience as a real estate broker she comes from a background of perpetual sales and negotiations, while at the same time she marketed her company and built it into one of the top five in the nation. This wealth of experience leaves her more than qualified to deliver your production. With Adler Productions your I’s and T’s are sure to be dotted and crossed before the ink even hits the paper.

PRE-PRODUCTION - From script development through budgeting, fundraising and casting, Adler Productions' experienced staff will work with you by integrating each phase of the pre-production process to make sure that your script, schedule and budget are compatible. Our staff is available to help you make the right decisions about shooting locations, production logistics, crew hires, union compliance and tax incentives. Once we are engaged by a producer all of our assets will be dedicated to ensuring the success of your production through the efficient monetization of tax credits to distributors and/or the pre-sale of your film. We will review your business plan and script, design a budget and schedule and analyze the marketing plan for your production to estimate the tax credits likely to be earned. We will also assist in the certification of the production prior to the commencement of principal photography.

In addition, Adler Productions will act as your liason to introduce you to the key contacts within each state's film office, as well as to union representatives, studio heads and production service providers. Finally, Adler Productions can structure both the front-end and back-end financing mechanisms to provide development and production funding by obtaining final certification of the tax credits and setting up an introduction with film finance authorities for a completion bond once your film has been green-lit.

PRODUCTION – From permitting to payroll, from location scouting to compliance with local regulations, our team is ready to shepherd your film through the long weeks of the production process. We bring together the most creative artists and the most qualified technicians, making sure that all the elements of the production come together and planning and executing the complex daily process that is a film shoot. Adler Productions is dedicated to offering you the best talent, equipment and facilities available. Whether it be grips, riggings, transportation, sound stages, production offices or other locally resourced assets, we are committed to offering the highest level of service to your production.

POST-PRODUCTION - Following production, our team will help you navigate the intricate world of post-production and make sure that your film comes out ready for distribution. From editing to music and footage clearances, from color correction and sound mixing to quality control compliance, this critical phase of the filmmaking process will be finished on schedule and on budget, clearing the way for worldwide distribution of your production. In addition, sales representation services offered through Adler Productions’ parent company ensure that you will get the best distribution deal possible, with our team looking out for the interests of you and your production all the way through final delivery.






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