Our mission is to change and revive to the entertainment business. We believe first impressions are important, but lasting impressions are everything. From inception we have maintained the highest level of integrity, with an unparalleled reputation. We strive to lead by example, dedicating ourselves to the creation of great works that will entertain for all time.




Meeting all your production needs

Headquartered near the Warner Bros. lot in sunny Burbank, California, Adler Productions is a full service production company that is firmly establishing itself as an innovative powerhouse boutique focusing on quality, not quantity. With over forty years of diverse combined experience in entertainment, financing and business we look to build on the foundation and soul of the golden age of Hollywood while integrating the opportunities that the new millennium presents.

We carefully blueprint logistically and financially sound business plans and productions, then we take advantage of the technology and incentives that bring out the best in our stories and budgets, keeping in mind the end product to be packaged and marketed to our audience from inception. We understand that, during the initial stages of your production, financing and pre-packaging are vital to your success, and we consult you through each step of the process in order to help transform your story into a finished piece of artistic and intellectual property. This combination ensures us enthused audiences, happy investors and fulfilled collaborators.

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From script development through budgeting, fundraising and casting, Adler Productions' experienced staff will work with you by integrating each phase of the pre-production process to make sure that your script, schedule and budget are compatible.

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From permitting to payroll, from location scouting to compliance with local regulations, our team is ready to shepherd your film through the long weeks of the production process.

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Following production, our team will help you navigate the intricate world of post-production and make sure that your film comes out ready for delivery.

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